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Summer Weekend Getaways in Style

One thing I love most about the summer is the opportunity to have fun outdoors, especially by the water. Something about summer just screams "go outside and live your best life!" Personally, I look forward to those summer weekend getaways that take my mind off of everything going on in the world and I can really just relax and spend time with those around me. Regardless of whether your weekend getaway consists of going to a lake house or just going to visit another city, I would like to show you three different outfits to prepare you for a stylish, yet fun summer getaway.

Outfit 1: Little Black Dress (LBD)


Butterflies are literally everywhere you look when you go shopping and they are truly one of the most influential statements on clothing right now. So with that being said this LBD (little back dress), is nothing short of cute with this simple butterfly decal on the front. Dresses like this are easy to move around in during the summer and definitely keep you cool because of the thin material and spaghetti straps. You can also change the aesthetic of the LBD, so if you’re like me and like a little bit more tomboy, try adding some chunky shoes instead of sandals. Lastly, I’m a simple girl, so I thought it was best to just pair this with a basic necklace of my zodiac sign.

Outfit 2: Oversized Shirt


I’m sure there’s going to be one day on your weekend getaway where you grab something out to eat, but please remember to be safe while you’re out in public! Furthermore, this outfit is so comfortable but still so stylish and can be easily re-created. Distressed shorts are forever going to be in style for me and adding an oversized shirt, with butterflies I may add, helps you stay on-trend right now. Many people like to wear oversized shirts with biker shorts and this is just another rendition of that outfit basically.

Paired with it, I have some chunky short heels that are a light lavender shade and definitely compliment the colors within the butterflies of the shirt. To add a pop of color, I have a cute backpack that is a bold yellow and I think that it adds exactly what this outfit needs and creates a great balance between tomboy and feminine. I didn’t add much jewelry besides my typical pearl earrings, however, this outfit says a lot without saying much so I didn’t feel it was necessary, but you could always add some if you see fit.

Outfit 3: Black Shorts


This last outfit is definitely one that can be worn while on-the-go. Given that the shorts are a little bit looser, it allows great movement so you don’t feel restricted and also helps you stay cool while you are active. Plus, I love to pair crop tops with loose-fitting shorts to definitely get a sportier look. If you’re somebody who likes to carry bags but wants to keep the sporty aesthetic going, you can always opt-in for a fanny pack such as the one that I have. Of course for the shoes, I paired it with some checkered vans that don’t necessarily match but adds a little spunk to the outfit. Since the outfit is so simple, I paired it with some gold hoops and I chose to wear sunglasses with a gold accent to tie in with the sporty aesthetic.

As I said before, summer getaways are one of the things that I look forward to during the summer months but with everything going on in the world currently, it’s important to stay safe and remember to practice social distancing.

 Blog By: Breanna Moore | @hellohipretty