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Seasonal Staple Accessories

If you’re like a lot of my friends, now that Halloween is over you’re probably getting fully into the spirit of winter. As the weather cools down and the holidays approach, it’s time to start getting our wardrobe winter-ready too! I have been seeing so many cute accessories trending this season that I am so excited to wear as I transition into winter fashion. I am going to share a few of my favorite winter accessories and how I style them! Hopefully, you can take some inspiration from these outfits and adapt them to fit your style and climate!

Leather Jackets and Chelsea Boots

These are two staple items that everyone should have in their wardrobe this season. Leather jackets truly never go out of style and are super versatile. Pair your leather jacket with a simple dress, tights, and boots for a chic feminine look, or you can style it with jeans and a graphic tee for a polished everyday outfit. You can easily dress a leather jacket up or down depending on your shoe choice as well. I wore these Chelsea boots, which are another popular winter accessory, for a slightly more polished look. Chelsea boots are the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe because they are perfect for rainy weather and are super versatile as well!

Bucket Hats:

We have seen 90s fashion making a major comeback all year, everything from tennis skirts to small shoulder bags, and now, bucket hats! These cute little accessories are a major trend this fall and winter. I’ve seen so many different styles of bucket hats: simple black ones, fuzzy ones (perfect for cold weather), and fun patterned ones! Since there are so many styles available, they are an easy addition to your wardrobe. I recently got this adorable dinosaur one (really embracing my inner child) and a zebra print one! Staying consistent with the 90s inspiration, I paired my bucket hat with a white tennis skirt and an oversized sweater.

Bandanas/Hair Scarfs:

Bandanas are another popular 90s trend that is coming back this season and I’m totally here for it! There are a bunch of different ways to wear these trendy little pieces, but I just chose to go with this classic look. You can also style them with a high ponytail or even wear it as a neck scarf. I then paired it with a cozy lilac cardigan and my favorite white cargo pants for a simple, but pulled-together look.

90s Shoulder Bags:

Lastly, small shoulder bags are another closet staple of mine this season! They are the perfect accessory to any simple winter outfit. I have seen these little shoulder bags start to gain popularity all the way back in spring, but they are still just as popular as we head into winter! I paired this snake-skin orange bag with a complimentary white and blue sweater. I then dressed the look down with some baggy boyfriend jeans and sneakers. This is one of my go-to winter outfits when I want to be comfortable, yet look styled.

Hopefully, these winter accessories gave you some inspiration as we head into the new season! Thanks for reading!

Blog By: Ember Sierra | @essentiallyember