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5 Fall Layering Looks and Tips

Hey girl! Has the cold fall air reached where you live yet? I don’t know about you, but it has gotten very chilly where I live already! I can no longer leave the house without at least a long sleeve or a jacket and let me tell you it is a struggle to put together cute outfits when it’s freezing outside, but the secret to a cute warm outfit is layers on layers girl! In today’s post, I have five cute ways that you can layer tops and dresses for fall and winter!

Outfit 1:

Did you jump on the lace cami trend just like me? Lace camis have been all over Pinterest and Instagram this past spring and summer season, but why not transition them into fall too? I paired this basic long sleeve with my favorite go-to black lace cami, but any silk or dressy top you have in your closet would work too! I paired my layered combo with my favorite pair of blue jeans and a belt!

Style Tip - If you don’t have a lace or silk top, look in the lingerie section of secondhand stores! They place all their slips and lace tops in that section, which most people don’t know about. After a quick wash at home, they’re perfect and affordable!

Outfit 2:

Who says you can’t wear your cute dresses in fall? I disagree! If you have a bunch of dresses in your closet, pair a turtleneck under them for an adorable, warm fall look! I layered a black turtleneck with my gingham dress and white sneakers. You can also pair chunky sweaters over dresses too! If you are going for the chunky sweater over a dress, I suggest a more form-fitting dress to balance out your outfit!

Outfit 3:

Do you want a more laid-back look? Grab your favorite graphic tee and a long sleeve! I would normally not wear a look like this, but once I put it on, I loved it! I think a colored long sleeve would look so cool with a graphic tee, but I just had a black long sleeve. I layered my long sleeve shirt under my graphic tee, with my black jeans and the same belt and sneakers from before! What I love about most of these looks is that you probably already have most of these pieces in your closet already! If not, you can easily find these pieces at your local Plato’s Closet!

Outfit 4:

Who knew a sweater and a jacket would be a perfect combo? I paired my vintage-styled cardigan with my thrifted leather jacket and I loved how this turned out! I am so excited to play around and try to layer things I wouldn’t typically layer together to get some unique looks this season!

Outfit 5:

If you haven’t seen these Rachel Green style cardigans all over Instagram and Pinterest yet, then I don’t know where you’ve been! Everything 90s has been trending recently and I’m definitely not mad about it! I found this simple button-up cardigan from the thrift store and I love how it looks! I wear it as a shirt with a cute bralette and jeans, and it’s the perfect 90s fall look! I like having the first few buttons unbuttoned and the remaining unbuttoned for that perfect Rachel Green look!


I hope you found this post helpful and it gave you some ideas on how to layer or outfits you can wear this season! Fall is always such a beautiful time of year, so go out and enjoy it! Talk to you next time! xoxo

Written By: Taiya Maddison | taiyamaddison.com

Instagram: @taiyamaddison