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2020 Handbag Trends

No outfit is complete without the right bag. Your bag can truly make or break your look. We use them for basically everything, like carrying makeup, sunscreen at the beach, holding snacks, and sometimes we use them just as a fashion piece or to hold our wallets. I am the type of girl who mainly uses the same three staple bags because they match every single outfit I own and they never go out of style. But as of lately, it's been hard to not want to give in and shop for all the great trends and cute bags that are out now for spring. Here are a few bag trends that I am loving for 2020!



Take your accessories back to their roots by showcasing the bag made out of their original fibers! This creates a way to add some fun to your accessories. Most of the time these bags will be lightweight and flimsy, which makes them perfect during the spring/summer warmth to carry all your belongings in. These playful bags always look handmade and remind me of DIY arts and crafts! They are usually bright and colorfully decorated.

I loved this one for the pom-pom effect and tassel detail. It's a nice bright white, and like wearing double the accessory. It's not uncommon to see these woven cotton bags come in the form of a tote or a clutch.



Chain straps are back! Well... I feel as though they have always been a timeless detail about a bag, but right now you see them everywhere. Gucci and Chanel are known right now for their chain crossbody bags. With tons of other bloggers always strutting around with their designer bags, many retailers have jumped on the bandwagon of creating lookalike styles for the consumer who may not want to spend as much. That's why I loved this bag! It feels super high-end to me, but I only paid $9 for it!

I really loved the sleek, modern look of this bag. Not only will a chain give the bag something a little extra, but it will be sure to glam up your outfit without having to wear many accessories that day.



Straw bags make the perfect spring/summer bag. They're fit for a day at the park, beach, or even the office, and SO cute. Looks like for spring 2020 these bags are back and blooming! I've already seen them all over retailers, and I am perfectly okay with this. There's a straw bag for any taste from small handhelds, rounded, crossbodies, totes, and more. 

I picked up a smaller simple tote bag and added my own personal flair to it with this adorable pom-pom keychain. I’ve seen other straw bags styled with cute handkerchiefs and more! There are many different ways to add your personal style to these fun bags.


Over the last few years, I've started to love handbags more and more. I've also learned to truly understand their importance when it comes to completing your look and its functionality. Make sure to take a swing by your local Plato's Closet and see what awesome trends you can spot! As always, thanks for reading!

Blog By: Serena Tomalis | @serenaajoyce