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Stay Organized & Focused!

We all know how difficult this time of year can be with all of the testing, college planning and summer jitters. Getting through these last few months of school can be made easier with a few simple study tips to help you stay organized and motivated.

Tip 1:

The first study tip is to keep your schedule organized. Keeping a calendar with all of your tests, special events and important deadlines is the key to using your time efficiently in school. Keeping a calendar makes it much easier to stay on track and juggle the craziness that is high school. Personally, I write down all my assignments, extracurricular activities and important dates all in the same planner ― this way I am able to see what is on my agenda for each day!

Tip 2:

The second study tip goes hand-in-hand with keeping a schedule: making and following to-do lists! I find that to-do lists help me stay focused and organized every time I sit down to get some work done. Unlike a schedule that just has all my due dates and assignments, my daily to-do lists allow me to create specific tasks for myself leading up to those deadlines. With to-do lists, I am always able to accomplish my daily tasks and stay on track for my upcoming deadlines!

Tip 3:

Another useful study tip is to take really good notes during class. I find that writing down important information as my teacher is talking allows me to better absorb the information and review it later.

All of these study tips will help you finish out this year school year at the top of your game! Next time you’re feeling stressed out look back at these helpful tips to help you stay focused and organized.

Blog by: Grace Myler - @gracemyler