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Plato’s Closet
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female posing in a new outfit from plato's closet

Plato's Closet Haul With Ember

Hey guys! Today we are going to have a little throwback moment together and enjoy a classic clothing haul! Clothing hauls have always been one of my favorite types of videos to watch or blog posts to read. I personally find the reasons behind people’s purchases fascinating, plus they are great for outfit inspiration or finding items you may not have considered wearing yourself.

Recently, I went to my local Plato’s Closet and was super excited to find some new items for the spring season, and I wasn’t disappointed! I’ll simply be going through the items I found and why I picked them up!

Item 1: Leopard Print Beret

I was super excited when I spotted this leopard print beret (I have a slight obsession with leopard print and berets). It’s such a unique statement piece that can easily be added to any simple outfit. Not only was the item itself amazing, but I was very pleased to find the original price tag attached (it was $36!) and then Plato’s Closet's affordable price of $10!

Item 2: Peach Camisole

I also picked up a more simple staple item which perfectly matched my beret. This bodysuit was such a stunning color and absolutely perfect for spring and summer. Recently, I was at Forever 21 where I bought this bodysuit in black, so I was super excited to pick it up in another color. Yet, this time it was only $6!

Item 3: Polka Dot Blouse

I couldn’t have dreamed of a better top for spring and summer! The light fabric and loose fit make this top a must-have for upcoming warm weather. Plus, the tie-front style is super cute and feminine (as well as very trendy!) I simply threw this on over a white tube top, accessorized with white items, and I had a fun fresh look!

Item 4: Dainty White Bag

Not going to deny that I’m a sucker for small bags, they are just so cute! But I also picked this one up for its versatility and sophisticated style. It’s the perfect accessory for any spring or summer outfit. Adding a little white bag to a classic jeans-and-graphic-tee outfit can elevate your look significantly! Or pair it with a sun-dress for a nice feminine touch.

Item 5: Snakeskin Sandals

My affinity for snakeskin pieces almost rivals my love for leopard print. So when I found these snakeskin heels for only $10, I could hardly contain my excitement! Animal prints are not only such a classic style, but they are super on-trend right now and I don’t see them going away soon. They are the perfect way to spice up a simple look!

Item 6: Sunglasses

Accessories are often overlooked but I feel that they often complete an outfit. I picked up these two pairs of sunglasses for only $10 at Plato’s Closet. There were a lot of styles to choose from, but I decided on a retro-red and a classic tortoiseshell.

Item 7: White Cardigan

This top is another must-have in your closet. The buttons up the front are a great detail that makes this top a little more interesting than a plain white top! This classic silhouette is also super versatile for all summer and spring looks!

Item 8: Pink Lace Cami

This dainty top is perfect for spring in every way; lightweight, neutral pink, and feminine. The best part was the price, only $5! I was so excited to add this to my wardrobe and style it. Lace camisoles are actually surprisingly versatile. They can be paired with mom jeans and sneakers for a juxtaposition of masculine and feminine, or simply paired with a skirt for a classic silhouette!

I hope you were inspired by these finds to go check your local Plato’s Closet! You’re bound to find some treasures of your own!

Blog By: Ember Sierra | essentiallyember