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Here is How Our Process Works:
  • We buy all seasons, all year round, as long as it is a style that is selling well for us! 
  • Items have to be freshly laundered. Sorry, but we just can't take a look at it if it's not clean.
  • Throw your items in a plastic laundry basket. Tell mom not to worry...we will give it back. We don't care if it's neatly folded because most of our certified buyers are young and they don't know how to refold the items that we send back home with you anyway! Just make sure it's clean, off hangers and right-side-out.
  • No appointment necessary.We understand that the need for cash can be sudden. When this happens, who has time for appointments? We just ask that you come at least one hour before we close. Otherwise, we are probably gonna ask you to vacuum.
  • Come up to the "We Buy It Here" counter and snazzy seller kiosk with a super duper official government issued photo ID. A driver's license or State ID will work just fine.
  • Enter in your info into our seller kiosk and choose if you’re going to hang out in the store or if you want to receive a text. Oh ya, we’re high tech now. A claim check and other items will print once you’re finished.
  • Then do a meet & greet with our super friendly staff who will fill you what your wait time will be along with other mucho important info on the selling process.
  • The amount of time greatly depends on how much you bring in and how many are before you. The average wait time is 10-30 minutes. There is no way for us to know exactly how much amazing stuff will come in at one time. So we’ll do our best to work as quickly as possible.
  • A certified buyer will quickly go through your items, looking for the styles that sell best for us. We’ll pop those items we think will sell into our computer system.
  • Once we’re finished your name will pop up on the completed screen behind the counter. If requested you’ll get a text. Either way is cool with us. See your name or get the text proceed to the “Cash Out” registers.