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About Us

Get Cash For Your Used Clothes
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WE'RE LIKE YOU: We live uptown but we style like downtown. We're fresh, fun, and we know a good deal when we see it. When we find something we like, we're on it. We're trendy, but not overstated, we don't try too hard because we are real. We're environmentally conscious, giving clothes and accessories a second life, preventing thousands of items from ending up in landfill. At the same time we give our customers an opportunity to own the hottest trends, those layering necessities, and the four seasons of clothing you need to live in Ontario. 

WE'RE ALL ABOUT RICHMOND HILL.  We're right in your hood, and we love to come to schools and universities to talk about all the great things we're about: recycling, fashion, entrepreneurship, empowerment, environment, business, customer service.

OUR INVENTORY CHANGES DAILY. Every time you come in you'll find new items! It means if you see something you love, snag it! It might not be there tomorrow. We're always putting out new items as well, so you're guaranteed to see great new things the next time you come and visit us.


A wooden coat hanger hanging with 3-ten dollar bills draped across the bottom


WE ALL DO IT. We all have those perfectly great items in our closet that we mean to wear, but every day we pass them by. We think 'this is still good, I shouldn't throw it out'. And NO, you shouldn't. You should bring it to our store.

WE PAY CASH ON THE SPOT.  We love your gently used, trendy items. When you bring us your teen and twenty-something clothes, purses, jewelry, hats, shoes, guys wear, even barely used perfumes and lotions, we will assess your items and pay you right then. 

WE BUY ALL SEASONS ALL THE TIME. Our needs are ever changing, and we do buy items from all seasons all the time, so always check back to see what we're buying, and while you're there, check out our great new inventory.

WE WISH WE COULD TAKE IT ALL. But we can't :( Some items don't work for our specific demographic, so we can't buy amazing children's sized items, fabulous work wear or formal wear. Don't get discouraged if you bring us your great stuff and we don't buy it all. We also will pass on items that are overly loved (too worn), smelling of smoke, damaged, or even just not selling well for us at the time.


FUNDRAISE WITHOUT HAVING TO ASK PEOPLE TO SELL SOMETHING.  If your team or association needs to raise money we have a simple formula that will help you easily raise the funds you need. 

1. Direct your members to our What We Buy Page.

2. Ask them and their friends and family to search their closets, their boyfriend's closets, and their kids closets for items they can part with to help raise money.

3. Send your members to Plato's Closet Scarborough where we will pay cash on the spot for their trendy items. 

4. If you call ahead and register your Association, we can even keep the cash on your behalf until a representative picks it up.


WE LOVE OUR CUSTOMERS! We believe our customers are smart and trendy and want to find value in their fashion! Our management team and staff have created a fun, friendly shopping environment with our main goal being to help our customers find the fashion deal of a lifetime!

Our customers expect ultra-high value and want quality gently used clothing and accessories that appeal to teens and twenty somethings. We focus on buying the latest styles and brands which in turn offers our customer a wide variety of items at greatly reduced prices without compromising style or trend. We strive to offer a fun environment with a cool place to shop, cool music, a cool atmosphere with creative displays, great clothes and organized for ease of shopping. Whether you’re buying or selling, we would love to help you find what you’re looking for. We offer a convenient way to sell us items because we pay cash on the spot with no appointment necessary. We buy all seasons everyday.

Today Plato’s Closet is recognized as the nation’s largest chain of teen and twenty something resale stores with over 450 store locations in North America.