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Recycle 300K Pairs of Shoes by April 22, 2020 - Earth Day




Don't let your shoes end up in landfills. Sell them to Plato's Closet and you'll get paid cash on the spot! The best part, the Earth will Thank You!

Our goal is to recycle 300,000 pairs of shoes by Earth Day. You can make that happen by selling those gently used shoes to us and keeping them out of the landfills!

So walk, run or jog into Plato's Closet and give your shoe collection a second life!






Guys, get paid for your style.
Cash on the Spot

We're stocking up on guys apparel and shoes! We'll pay cash on the spot for gently used, on-trend t-shirts, denim, shoes, shorts, and more!

Buying Spring
Sell Your Style

It’s time to pick out all the cool clothes, shoes, accessories, and more that are just hanging in your closet and sell them to Plato’s Closet! We pay cash on the spot for gently used styles for guys and girls in their teens and 20s. Go through your wardrobe and sell the sweet spring styles you no longer need to us! Now you’ll have room for fresh styles from Plato’s Closet.

Make Gains & Earn Cash

Whether you run, hike, lift, cycle, box, CrossFit, stretch, meditate or just love athletic shoes, earn cash by selling what you no longer need to Plato’s Closet.

Don't Guess, give a gift card. One size fits all.


An excellent choice for birthdays, graduations, or any celebration... Our gift cards can be used at most of our locations throughout North America. They are also rechargeable, so add a few dollars every time you shop or sell to us and save up for that fashion emergency. A great way to budget your fashion dollar!