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1. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram

2. Shop from our posts and live sales daily

3. Once you see something you'd like to purchase, simply comment on the post or send us a DM. Just comment "SOLD", the item you'd like to purchase, and your email address to claim.
Please state whether you will need the items shipped to you (and to what state) or if you will be picking it up from the store.

We ship in the US for a flat $9 rate.

4. Once we receive your comment or message, we will check the availability and send an invoice through PayPal. We will message you as soon as your invoice has been sent and include the time in which it needs paid.

5. After the invoice has been paid we will have your items packaged and ready for pick up OR prepare the package to be shipped.

The standard time it takes for your package to get to you after payment is 7-10 business days. 
If you are picking up your order, you can pick up items anytime after they have been paid, whether that is later that day or a month from purchase.

We love being able to offer our community and other fashionistas across the U.S. the opportunity to shop gently-used name brand merchandise at discounted prices, whether that be in our store or online. 

If you have any questions at all, feel free to message us directly on our Facebook or Instagram page. 


Now Available Curbside Pick up




Did you see you can shop our store through our Social Media pages? Check out the info above to learn how!

We Now offer FREE Curbside Pick up with your online orders! Just call the store when you arrive and we will run your items out to you.

Don't miss out on our LIVE SALES through our Facebook Page!


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Wednesdays - 4:00 PM
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