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Back-to-School Fall Haul

It's that time of year again ... Back-to-school shopping begins! August always seems to creep right up on me every year, and once August 1st hits, I completely stop shopping for summer and completely transition over to fall. I know you guys love it when I share looks from Plato's Closet, so I was happy to go shopping there and see what I could find for those going back to school on just a $50 budget!

Back-to-school shopping, or just shopping for fall in general doesn't have to break the bank. At Plato's Closet, you'll find a huge selection of trendy and designer items at a fraction of the price! Trendy, gently used brands like American Eagle, VS PINK, Free People, Nike, Kate Spade, and many others are always found there. Whenever I head into my local Plato's Closet, I am always looking for amazing deals such as items still with tags, gently used, or major brands like Free People and URBN.

Each time I walk into the store I am always greeted by a friendly employee near the front who's happy to see me. With COVID going on right now, I wasn't sure how inventory was going to look and I was pleasantly surprised to see they had more inventory than I thought! The selection of jeans, shoes, and sweaters for back-to-school shopping was so fabulous my bag filled up very quickly. 

I was also glad to see a lovely employee was waiting by the fitting rooms to let me in to try on some items I found. From there I had a ton of decisions to make, I'm not kidding when I say I took at least 12 items in! However, I ended up going home with five items in total, so that I could stay under budget.


One of the items I found and loved, was this gently used Abercrombie and Fitch mom jeans. They are so trendy, and you can barely tell they were worn! Don't they look so cute with this URBN thermal?! I'm obsessed! All in all, it was hard to narrow everything down, but below are the 5 items I ended up going home with for $50!

First, I came across some like-new Universal Thread booties from Target. These were marked down to just $12! Smaller ankle boots, like these, are the perfect transition from summer to fall and as a back-to-school bootie. The darker brown tones give me all the fall vibes, and it's a great idea to look for a lower heel like these for walking across campus, or through the halls. You are sure to be comfortable all day!


One of my favorite finds would have to be this Universal Thread t-shirt dress! It is currently still being sold in regular retail stores for $15, but I snagged it for just $8 at Plato's Closet! You can never go wrong with a basic t-shirt dress, and I love that there are so many ways to style them as we transition through the seasons. Pair them with sneakers, or sandals, a jean jacket, or a hat, and you're ready to be stylish and comfortable all day. A dress is always an easy outfit to create.


My next find is this adorable eyelet babydoll top and some light wash distressed jeggings to go with it. When I first saw the top, I instantly pictured something like this as a great "First-Day Look" top. Something like this is dressy, girly, chic, but can also easily be dressed down with jeans and sandals for an adorable first-day photo-op to send to mom! The best part is, I found this top for just $8!


When browsing through the denim section these light wash distressed jeans stuck out to me. They are American Eagle jeggings from 2018 and were only $16! I loved that they had a slight acid wash tone to them. Acid wash is extremely trendy right now and is sure to give any look an instant 90s vibe. They were barely worn, the distress in the denim was still perfect, and they fit like glove! Just roll up your jeans and pair them with sandals for a simple back-to-school look.

Next up, I came across this boxy, tie-dye thermal. Thermals make such a great piece for those days when the AC in your classroom is just a little bit too cold, yet it's still a bit warm outside. This makes the perfect little outfit with some shorts! I've always loved the long sleeves and shorts look together. Plus, tie-dye has been one of the biggest trends of 2020 so far, so you can't go wrong with adding some to your wardrobe! It's crazy how it always comes back in style!

Overall, I personally love shopping at Plato's Closet because you can find some extremely trendy pieces at very low prices; sometimes there are even items with their tags on them still that are WAY less than half the cost! I love being able to also sell my gently used items and get cash when I need it too! Every time I walk into Plato's Closet I always leave happy with my purchases, or happy with the amount of cash I receive for the clothing I've recently outgrown. If you're looking to head back to school in style and stay on budget, check out Plato's Closet for some similar finds! 

Blog By: Serena Tomalis | @serenaajoyce

Hot Summer Trends You Don’t Want To Miss!

Hey girl! Have you been enjoying the hot weather this summer? I’m obsessed with the trends for this summer and I can’t stop myself from online shopping and secondhand shopping! I wanted to share with you in this post my favorite hot summer trends, from blouse tops to biker shorts there are so many amazing trends this summer!

#1: Biker Shorts, Duh!


If you haven’t seen biker shorts everywhere, where have you been? I was hesitant at the beginning to get a pair because I was scared I couldn’t pull it off, but let me tell you I have never seen anyone look bad in biker shorts! They are super affordable, super comfy, and trendy! They can elevate an outfit so easily! You can pair them with a cropped top for an athleisure look or a baggy oversized tee for a relaxed everyday look!

#2: Tie-Dye…Anything!


Since quarantine boredom, tie-dye has been highly trending, and I’m definitely not mad about it! I am still trying to get my hands on tie-dye sweatpants and sweatshirt set! However, I did find this black and white tie-dye graphic tee that I love pairing with my biker shorts!

#3: Silk Dresses


Silk dresses and slips are making a comeback! I’ve seen them all over Pinterest! I especially love slip dresses and they transition so nicely into fall with a turtleneck underneath! I have a ruched silk dress in a baby blue color and it's so fun for summer! It’s a little dressier than an everyday look but perfect for a night out or a brunch date with the girls!

#4: Milkmaid Tops & Blouses

I am OBSESSED with milkmaid tops! I seriously can’t get enough of them! I love the puffy sleeves and the effortless put-together look they add to your outfit! I pair my blouse tops with denim skirts, shorts, jeans, you name it! I love this white milkmaid top with the straight neckline and the puffy sleeves! I’ve been wearing it nonstop! Check out the photo below for my top!

#5: Mid-length Denim Shorts

I am SO happy longer shorts are back in style, they are definitely classier and I actually like the way they look better than short shorts! I’m obsessed with the mid-length style, so not too long, but still, a little length on them that you feel comfortable wearing them every day! This black pair of mid-length shorts that I have I’ve been wearing for a week straight, no joke! They’re just so comfy and perfect for every occasion in the summer!

I hope you guys can find some inspiration in these summer trends! Thanks for reading!

Taiya Maddison | www.taiyamaddison.com

Comfy Quarantine Looks

There is one thing about quarantine I think we can all appreciate: getting to wear our comfiest clothes just about every day. Currently, my outfits mainly consist of sweatpants, t-shirts, and leggings. While I enjoy wearing my pajamas, on the occasions that I go out, I like to dress up a little more while staying comfortable. Today I’ll be sharing some of my go-to cute and comfy styles! These outfits are perfect for when you’re going out but don’t want to leave the comfort of your pajamas behind!

Linen Shorts:

I have been wearing these white linen shorts non-stop recently. They are loose and lightweight, perfect for warm summer days. Plus, they are easy to style! I typically pair them with a form-fitting tank top to balance out the loose shape of the shorts. For this outfit, I went with a bright blue tank top (neons are super popular this summer), added a cute bandana, and white sandals. This look is super simple and easy to put together, perfect for picnics, or walks on a warm summer day!

T-Shirt Dresses:


Let me tell you guys a little secret about this t-shirt: I actually wear it to bed all the time. But with some styling, you can turn your favorite oversized tee into an outfit you’d wear out of the house too. I usually pair t-shirt dresses with sneakers, rather than sandals, to make the outfit seem more put together. Platform sneakers, like these converse, add some style and also help elongate your legs. Finally, I added some small details like matching socks, a cheetah print scrunchie, and a red bag for a pop of color. This is definitely one of the comfiest yet trendy ways to wear your pajamas outside!

Wide Leg Pants:


Usually, jeans aren’t one of the first things that come to mind when thinking about comfortable clothes. However, I believe there are a few exceptions because jeans come in so many different styles. Wide-leg jeans have made a comeback recently and I am an avid supporter. They are so comfortable and a stylish must-have in every wardrobe! Mine are actually jegging material for extra comfort and then I paired them with this super-soft, asymmetrical top. Tops with unique silhouettes can make a simple outfit look much more chic and elevated. I kept the accessories simple with a little black bag, cheetah print scrunchie, and white platform converse. This outfit is great for when you have to run errands but still want to be cute and comfortable!

Skorts + Baggy Tees:


Until recently, I think the last time I wore a skort was in fifth grade! Thankfully, these comfy skirt-short hybrids have become popular again and they are cuter than ever! Skorts are great because they combine the loose feeling of a skirt with the comfort and security of shorts! I paired my green gingham skort with a baggy graphic tee to match the retro feel of the outfit. Pairing a graphic tee with any patterned bottom is usually a great way to make an outfit look styled. Lastly, I finished the look off with some neutral accessories since the t-shirt and skort were already so busy. I opted for sandals for maximum comfort, as well. Overall, this simple skort and tee outfit is super stylish and comfortable, perfect for lounging or going out!

Even if you’re staying at home most of the time, I hope you got some inspiration from these outfits for when quarantine is over or even your next trip to the grocery store — I know I can’t be the only one who dresses up for minor errands!

Blog By: Ember Sierra | @essentiallyember

Floral-Obsessed Summer

Hello summer! I’m so excited to be back and blogging again! This summer I’ve been obsessed with all things floral. Here are some of my favorite summer styles:

This first style is my all-time fav! I am absolutely obsessed with mini dresses this summer, but I specifically love all the bright colors & floral prints. What I love most about mini dresses is that they pair perfectly with sneakers; My forever go-to is always white sneakers! Top it off with a small purse and gold jewelry & you’re ready to go. This look is fashionable yet very comfortable, which is why it’s my absolute favorite.


Another trend I love is flowy skirts. I love this trend because it looks effortless, but it is still cute for going out with your friends or taking fun summer pictures! Pair any flowy skirt with a basic tank top to achieve this look. I also decided to add some fun wedges to dress up my outfit, but if you want a more casual look throw on some sneakers. If you can’t tell I’m a huge fan of floral prints this summer!

The final look I wanted to highlight is a little more casual. I decided to pair a simple, pastel floral top with my favorite denim shorts. I also added the wedges, to dress up the look, but you could easily wear flats or white tennis shoes if you wanted to dress it down.

I hope these outfits help inspire your summer wardrobe! Have a great rest of your summer!

Blog By: Grace Myler | @gracemyler

Summer Weekend Getaways in Style

One thing I love most about the summer is the opportunity to have fun outdoors, especially by the water. Something about summer just screams "go outside and live your best life!" Personally, I look forward to those summer weekend getaways that take my mind off of everything going on in the world and I can really just relax and spend time with those around me. Regardless of whether your weekend getaway consists of going to a lake house or just going to visit another city, I would like to show you three different outfits to prepare you for a stylish, yet fun summer getaway.

Outfit 1: Little Black Dress (LBD)


Butterflies are literally everywhere you look when you go shopping and they are truly one of the most influential statements on clothing right now. So with that being said this LBD (little back dress), is nothing short of cute with this simple butterfly decal on the front. Dresses like this are easy to move around in during the summer and definitely keep you cool because of the thin material and spaghetti straps. You can also change the aesthetic of the LBD, so if you’re like me and like a little bit more tomboy, try adding some chunky shoes instead of sandals. Lastly, I’m a simple girl, so I thought it was best to just pair this with a basic necklace of my zodiac sign.

Outfit 2: Oversized Shirt


I’m sure there’s going to be one day on your weekend getaway where you grab something out to eat, but please remember to be safe while you’re out in public! Furthermore, this outfit is so comfortable but still so stylish and can be easily re-created. Distressed shorts are forever going to be in style for me and adding an oversized shirt, with butterflies I may add, helps you stay on-trend right now. Many people like to wear oversized shirts with biker shorts and this is just another rendition of that outfit basically.

Paired with it, I have some chunky short heels that are a light lavender shade and definitely compliment the colors within the butterflies of the shirt. To add a pop of color, I have a cute backpack that is a bold yellow and I think that it adds exactly what this outfit needs and creates a great balance between tomboy and feminine. I didn’t add much jewelry besides my typical pearl earrings, however, this outfit says a lot without saying much so I didn’t feel it was necessary, but you could always add some if you see fit.

Outfit 3: Black Shorts


This last outfit is definitely one that can be worn while on-the-go. Given that the shorts are a little bit looser, it allows great movement so you don’t feel restricted and also helps you stay cool while you are active. Plus, I love to pair crop tops with loose-fitting shorts to definitely get a sportier look. If you’re somebody who likes to carry bags but wants to keep the sporty aesthetic going, you can always opt-in for a fanny pack such as the one that I have. Of course for the shoes, I paired it with some checkered vans that don’t necessarily match but adds a little spunk to the outfit. Since the outfit is so simple, I paired it with some gold hoops and I chose to wear sunglasses with a gold accent to tie in with the sporty aesthetic.

As I said before, summer getaways are one of the things that I look forward to during the summer months but with everything going on in the world currently, it’s important to stay safe and remember to practice social distancing.

 Blog By: Breanna Moore | @hellohipretty

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