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Stylish School Staples

As usual, summer is going by in a flash. Now that it’s August, the official back-to-school season, we can begin preparing for our return to school. While preparing for school isn’t usually the most exciting task, I’ve always looked forward to picking out new outfits to wear. It’s so fun to rock your new clothing or try new styles at school every day! I’ve compiled some cute and simple looks you can be inspired by for back-to-school shopping.

Unfortunately, some schools have strict dress codes, which can make it somewhat difficult. I’ve kept this in mind and I will provide alternate ideas in order to make some of the outfits adhere to the most conservative of dress codes!

Outfit 1:


This is a simple and chic look that you can recreate using staple items in your own closet! I just paired this black tee with ruffle details on the sleeve, along with some mom jeans. To give this look a more sophisticated feel, I added some snakeskin chunky heels that I picked up from Plato’s Closet. The key to this look is really in the details! This back-to-school season you can be super chic and stylish with simple pieces you might already own. Just picking up some statement pieces to make simple looks more exciting is an easy way to update your closet for school.

Dress Code Tip! If your school doesn’t allow sandals, then opt for a patterned sneaker. Any statement shoe will elevate your simple look!

Outfit 2:


I personally can understand that in the morning you may be rushed and don’t have time to spend picking out your outfit. This is where simple sundresses come in handy. A few cute dresses are a must-have for back-to-school! They are perfect for those days when you don’t have time or just want to throw something simple on, while still looking feminine and put together.

Outfit 3:


If dresses aren’t your style, then rompers are another easy clothing option. Similar to dresses, they are simple to throw on, while appearing as though you put a lot of time and effort into your outfit choice. In my opinion, they are probably one of the most comfortable clothing items too! Since my romper had thin straps, I layered a white tee shirt underneath to make the whole look adhere to most dress codes. You can also use this layering style underneath dresses with similar straps.

Outfit 4:


Most mornings during the school year, I truly consider just rolling out of bed and going to school in my pajamas. This outfit is a good compromise because the silky polka dot blouse was likely a pajama shirt at some point. Blouses are another practical piece for school because they are comfortable, stylish and very versatile. I paired this one with some shorts and white shoes. I also put my hair up into a clip to complete this casual, chic look.

Dress Code Tip! Instead of tying the shirt in the front, you can tuck it in. Also, if you can’t wear shorts at school, blouses pair great with jeans!

Outfit 5:


Short skirts have always been a target for school dress codes but luckily, midi-skirts are in style! They are such great staple pieces in any closet! I tend to wear more patterned skirts, such as floral or cheetah-print. I love pairing my cheetah-print skirt with graphic tees for a more casual look, and then finishing it off with some white sneakers helps add style and comfort to this look. You should definitely consider trying out a midi-skirt this back-to-school season!

I hope these outfits gave you some inspiration that you can use when preparing your own back-to-school looks at your local Plato's Closet!

Blog By: Ember Sierra | essentiallyember