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Dear Plato's Closet Customers, 
If there is one thing that has been certain this week it has been the outpouring of ️love and support I have felt from the community and my employees. The reality is every single one of us is making difficult decisions that we never dreamed we would have to make. 
Today I am making the difficult decision to close our doors to the public for a while. The sooner we can all practice social distancing and come together by staying apart, the sooner we can all BE TOGETHER again.
Every one of my employees has impressed me since the day this all began. All of them have been willing to stay open and do whatever we could to keep everyone safe and serve you. Every day my manager and I were pushing to keep our staff working and employed. I'm so proud of everyone on this team for their willingness to make sacrifices for each other.
The next 1 to 2 weeks (as long as it is safe) we will be finishing up a long list of projects to get the store 100% ready for WHEN we open our doors again. We are also going to (as long as it is safe) work on showing you some items you can purchase via PayPal and text-to-shop with potential shipping/delivery/curbside pick up. Everything we will work to do for you will be as long as it is safe to do so and within guidelines. 
When we open our doors again, my employees will need you more than ever. Every single employee that wants to come back will be welcomed with open arms and hopefully a hug. We will be ready for you, our customers, and because of you will hopefully be able to add more jobs to an already INCREDIBLE staff. 
What we WILL do for you over the next few weeks (hopefully it's only that long):
  • We WILL show you the projects and changes made for your return
  • We WILL make positivity posts
  • We WILL do giveaways on our page to be mailed to you and used when we reopen
  • We WILL be happy to send you a smile if you DM us and repost your pictures if you tag us
  • We WILL still honor our pledge of the scholarship program for the 2020-2021 school year
  • We WILL be back open again 
The one message I have heard from my employees all week long was very little concern for themselves, even though they will be greatly impacted by this. But the concern they have for others. If anyone needs anything and I can help, I will do my best to try. Please DM our Instagram page. We are here for you, LET’S DO THIS.
Peace, love, safety, community,
Krisan Lewis
Owner Plato’s Closet Columbia, MO

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