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Temporarily Closed, be back soon!

Plato’s Closet

Open Today
11:00 AM–06:00 PM
Day Hours
Saturday 11:00 AM–06:00 PM
Sunday 11:00 AM–06:00 PM
Monday 10:00 AM–06:00 PM
Tuesday 11:00 AM–06:00 PM
Wednesday 11:00 AM–06:00 PM
Thursday 11:00 AM–06:00 PM
Friday 11:00 AM–06:00 PM
8550 Beechmont Ave, Suite 1200
Cincinnati, OH, 45255

We are temporarily closed as of 6pm, March 19. We have felt a strong desire to stay open during this time to serve our customers and our employees. But as time has progressed and the COVID-19 crisis has intensified, we have decided the socially responsible thing to do is to temporarily close the Plato's Closet Cincinnati, Florence and Dayton locations. This was not a decision made lightly, but ultimately we want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. 

We hope to have online/ social selling up and running soon! Please follow our Instagram, Facebook and website for updates. As a small, locally owned business we thank you for your support and look forward to seeing you all again soon. 

For those of you out there providing essential services who don’t have the option of shutting your doors, we truly appreciate you!

Group of plus size models walking
Most Wanted: Plus Sizes!
girls outside in spring

We are expanding our plus size section! But we need your help! Sell us your gently used, trendy plus size clothes for CASH on the spot. The more we buy, we the more we can sell, and we are ready to BUY! Look for our new plus size section in our stores, and more plus size posts on instagram all featuring our beautiful local models! Meet our models here!

A few of our favorite brands:
Forever 21+ 
Old Navy 
Ava & Viv