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Most Wanted: Shorts, Athletic Wear, Perfume, Guys stuff and Plus size!






Happy Canada Day -1-Day  Sale!!!

90% OFF all remaining clearance items.


Monday - Saturday 10am - 7pm

Sunday 11am - 6pm

Win our Featured Prize #2 : Kate Spade black little purse (7.5" x 5.5")

1.  Sell to us between June 30 - July 14th

2. Receive a ballot for every $10 we offer you and you accept

3. Enter as often as you like!

4. Follow us for another great Feature Prize #3 


How to Sell:

1. No appointments!

2. Sell gently used young adult styles that have been trendy within the last 18 months

3.  Bring as little or as much! Just bring them in clean, in a box or bag!

4. Show your ID and we'll get you signed in....same day service!

Plato's Closet LOYALTY CARDS

Earn Free Points with every $10 you Buy or Sell to us!
40 points gets you $10 off your next purchase!

Plato's Closet Gift Card. Once Size Fits All. Don't Guess. Give a Gift Card


An excellent choice for any celebration! They are rechargeable so add a few dollars every time you shop or sell to us and save up for that fashion emergency!