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3 Thanksgiving Styles

It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving is already next week and somehow it’s already halfway through November. Time really does fly! When it comes to fashion, fall has my favorite styles by far! I absolutely love being able to wear cute skirts and sweaters one day, and then cozy boots or scarves the next. It's also such a beautiful season to take a walk and really enjoy the foliage and scenery.

Today I am collaborating with Plato's Closet styling 3 different dressy/casual Thanksgiving outfit ideas! I am sure you have a bunch of items in your closet than can be replicated, or I highly suggest always visiting your local Plato's Closet to see what trendy pieces they currently have like I did!

Outfit 1:


I absolutely love a good sweater/skirt combo, and this pairing is no exception! This look is both casual and dressy at the same time, so it’s perfect for that dinner that might not be super casual. The knee-high boots I incorporated add a bit of sophistication and dress it up. They also have a bit of a heel, which gives an elevated-look for the outfit. Plus, they will keep my legs warm instead of regular booties!

I am totally obsessed with this skirt! Tweed skirts are such a hot trend right now, so as soon as I saw it, I had to grab it immediately. Plaid is such a classic print for fall, so you can never go wrong with it! Even if you don't own a plaid or tweed skirt, corduroy works just as well. You can even add some tights underneath if you're not comfortable showing some skin during the colder months.

Lastly, I found this adorable mock sweater while browsing the racks and just couldn't say no to this great neutral! Mock neck sweaters are a great fall staple since they go with anything and never go out of style. *snatched!*

Sweater: Abercrombie - $14

Skirt: Talbots - $12

Boots: $14

Outfit 2:


This next look is a slight step down from the last one when it comes to the "casualness" of it. I used the same boot but added comfortable closet staple pieces this time to dress it down a bit. It’s a totally the look for those Friday nights where you want to look slightly dressed up and cute, but don't have to be.

Eyelash sweaters are another huge hit for colder months because of how soft they are and how cozy they keep you! I especially love the wispy material of the sweater because it allows you to jazz up even the most basic outfit. I originally had this sweater in a darker gray, that I bought almost two years ago, but while rummaging the sweater racks at Plato’s Closet I found the same sweater just in a different color! I added this to my basket, without hesitation.

Next, these high-rise jeans were a great find because you can wear them with any outfit! I personally prefer dark-wash jeans because they the perfect amount of contrast to my outfit against the sweater. Not to mention, they were super affordable for a good pair of jeans, too!

It’s always a tough decision when choosing what to wear under cardigans during the fall or winter. One of my favorite pieces in my closet is always a basic long sleeve turtleneck since they go with just about anything and they keep your neck nice and toasty! I already have a few turtlenecks in my closet, but I had to grab this one because of the fun and different texture. Lastly, I added a belt to complete the look. You can easily choose any fun, large buckled belt to get the same idea!

Cardigan: Francesca's - $14

Turtleneck: $6

Jeans: Hollister - $18

Boots: $14

Outfit 3:


The last outfit I put together is definitely the most casual of them all, but also the coziest! Let me start by talking about these boots: OMG, I nearly gasped when I saw these NTW boots just sitting on the shelf in my size! I remember I wanted a similar pair of boots from Express last year so badly, but they were too expensive. Now they’re mine and I’ve worn them too many times to count!

Combat boots are a classic winter boot because they are great for dressing down any outfit and give off ALL the cozy, casual vibes. Scarves are another essential piece for the colder weather. They are cozy, add a cute flair to any outfit, or can dress up even the most basic tee. I especially love this one because it was made with plush fabric and it has some festive holiday colors!

Lastly, this mock neck sweater was also a classic find! It’s a great neutral because you can wear whatever you want with it. I decided to dress mine up with a scarf, but you could also pair it with a long necklace, a coat or a cardigan.

Sweater: Forever 21 - $8

Scarf: Aerie - $6

Boots: Express - $14

Jeans: Hollister - $18

I am so happy with all of these trendy finds at my local Plato's Closet! I honestly shop there all the time, which is how I typically find some very trendy (like my NWT boots)!

I hope you girls found some great Thanksgiving outfit inspo from today's post, and I absolutely loved being able to share some ideas with you! If you haven't already, be sure to check out my last post and click here to learn how you can make money while shopping for cute clothes at the same time. As always, thanks for reading!

Blog By: Serena Tomalis | @serenaajoyce

Ways to Accessorize Using Bags

What better way to dress up an outfit than with accessories? One of the easiest accessories to add to any outfit is a purse or backpack. Here are some of my favorite bag trends that I hope will help you accessorize your outfits this season!

Bag 1:

I have always loved a good backpack and thankfully they have come back in style! If you want to dress up any outfit try a simple backpack to make a statement. I love neutral colors because I think they go with every outfit!

Bag 2:

As we move into winter, try adding a pop of color to elevate your outfit. I chose to pair this look with a small blush purse. A small purse like this is the perfect size to fit all of your essentials in! I also decided to add a cheetah-print keychain to add a trendy pop to my purse. A purse keychain is the perfect way to make an old purse look new again!

Bag 3:

Fjallraven Kanken has been all the rave recently, but you could use any colored outdoor style backpack to complete this look. I paired my backpack with a simple sweater, but you could also wear this backpack with an athleisure outfit. I love backpacks because you can carry almost anything in them! Mine usually has my camera tucked inside so I’m always ready for an impromptu photo session.

Bag 4:

Last but not least, the classic little black purse! What could go with any outfit any more perfectly? Personally, I love crossbody style purses because they are comfortable to wear and easy to use on the go.

I hope these bag trends help inspire you to start accessorizing and dressing up your outfits for any occasion. Be sure to check out your local Plato’s Closet for similar items and you can always find so much more! Now get out there and get accessorizing!

Blog By: Grace Myler | @gracemyler

3 Classic Coats with Winter Accessories

If there’s one thing I love about the winter, it’s the effortless ways you can accessorize an outfit. Your accessories double as necessary components for surviving the cold (okay, I might be a tad dramatic) and cute ways to give your outfit a little more something-something.

In this post, I’ll show you accessories that are great for the winter, along with different styles of coats they go great with. The three outfits are all different styles but achievable and affordable, given that basic staple pieces are used.

Outfit 1:


Aaahhhh the notorious teddy coat! This coat is on fire this season and it keeps you exceptionally warm. I receive so many compliments on this coat! Because of how eye-catching this coat is, I decided to keep the actual outfit basic, with a black ribbed crop top and mom jeans. For the accessory, you can see I added a dark orange backpack and I love the color because it adds a pop of color. Backpacks are great in the winter so your hands don’t freeze holding a bag; slip it on and go about your day attempting to stay warm!

Outfit 2:

What is a winter coat collection without the staple piece of the leather jacket? Having a leather jacket is timeless and so many people find it necessary to keep in their collection as the cold months roll in. Paired with the jacket is probably one of the most popular winter accessories, an off-white and black scarf. Outfits like this are super easy to recreate because you can substitute any piece and just stick to one color scheme as I did.

Outfit 3:


For the last outfit, I decided to keep the black/grey color scheme, which allowed me to pair it effortlessly with a blush pink oversized jacket. I love that this outfit has a mixture of both feminine and masculine vibes. I paired this distressed-hem skirt with an oversized men’s crew neck and an oversized jacket. This allows you to stay cute and comfortable and that feeling is hard to beat! Now if you’re like me and still want to brave a skirt in the colder months, you can accessorize with stockings under the skirt. I opted for basic black see-through ones, but there's many out there to fit your style.

Blog By: Breanna Moore | @hellohipretty

Winter Weather Styles

It seems as though the seasons keep breezing by; with October coming to a close, winter is soon approaching. Personally, I love winter because you still experience the cozy feelings of fall, just with colder weather. In southern California, fall tends to be too warm for sweaters and jeans, but in the winter, we can finally get cozy and layer up!

Today I’ll be sharing some of my favorite winter styles. I’ve also mentioned little changes you can make to each outfit depending on your climate, so you can make every look practical and customized! It’s time to bring out your favorite sweaters, booties and get stylin’!

Outfit 1:

If you are having trouble picking out a winter outfit, just go for a simple neutral outfit. Black jeans, a cream sweater, and matching booties easily create a sophisticated look. You can also add a matching hat to continue the neutral theme or a bright hat for a little pop of color. I added a cream beret that matched my sweater. To keep this look interesting, I incorporated different textures and patterns. By mixing this chunky knit sweater with my snakeskin boots, this look has subtle details that ensure it isn’t a boring outfit. The key to creating a cute neutral look is using little details such as patterns, knits, and accessories to keep it interesting!

Style Tip - If you need another cozy layer, add on a black or blue jean jacket!

Outfit 2:


Sometimes when a new season arrives, you aren’t quite ready to part with your clothes from the past season. If you’re attached to your summer pieces or simply can’t buy a whole new wardrobe each season, this is the perfect look for you! Adapt your maxi dresses to cold weather by layering them over long sleeves! Add some booties for some more warmth and now you have a cute and stylish winter look. Since my dress has a deep v-neck, I chose to accessorize with some necklaces over my shirt.

Style Tip - If your dress doesn't have slits like mine, you can add tights underneath to keep your legs warmer.

Outfit 3:

Plaid is a classic winter pattern and makes for some cute miniskirts. I like wearing my black and white plaid skirt with this simple white cardigan from Plato’s Closet! Then, I simply add some white sneakers to complete a super casual and easy outfit for those warmer days.

Style Tip - Replace the cardigan with a chunky sweater, then add tights and boots for added warmth!

Outfit 4:

Heeled booties are one of my favorite parts of winter fashion because they make me taller and they’re super stylish! I paired these white booties, with this striped sweater and simple mom jeans, to give the outfit more of a 60s vibe. Then I finished the look off with a rectangular red bag to match the stripes in the sweater.

Hopefully, these looks gave you some outfit inspiration for the upcoming winter season!

Blog By: Ember Sierra | @essentiallyember

Fall Boot Trends

The air is getting crisp and that means that boots season is in full effect! It is now socially acceptable to pull out those cute pair of boots...or more than a few pairs if you’re like me. Boots come in all shapes, colors, and styles, which allows you to have a lot of versatility with your fall outfits. Bringing out your boots for this season also keeps you warm, cozy, and prepared for the cold weather approaching.

Outfit 1:


The first pair of boots are suede, flat thighs-highs and I paired them with an oversized tee and a vintage denim jacket. Overall, thigh-high boots are one of my favorite boot styles and they work great during the colder months when you want to attempt to keep warm while wearing dresses. As for accessories, I opted for rose gold-tinted shades and small hoop earrings.  This is really a cute outfit and effortless!

Outfit 2:


Booties are probably one of the most popular boot styles of all time, so I just had to include my favorite black leather pair in this blog post. Booties are truly versatile and can be dressed up or down. For this outfit, I threw on some DIY pearl-studded, boyfriend jeans along with an off-the-shoulder sweater. The small details in this outfit make it cute but still chill. For colder days, you could also pair a leather jacket with this outfit to compliment the leather booties.

Outfit 3:


For the last outfit, I chose to wear all-black to go with these classic, ankle-length Ugg boots. These are perfect for days when your number one priority is staying warm and cozy! The fur inside these boots is super comfortable, and the outside offers a basic style that is very popular still. Paired with black skinny jeans and an off-the-shoulder flannel shirt, this look serves as one of my go-to fall outfits.

Blog By: Breanna Moore | @hellohipretty

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