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about our plato's fam

We're not like the other stores you shop at... We are a locally family owned and operated small business! When you shop with us, you're shopping with your friends, family, neighbors, and members of your community. We LOVE getting to connect with you every day & pride ourselves on knowing the trends that you love the most. We know that our customers have killer taste, and that's why we're always stocking our store with the best of the best in unique and trendy styles.

When you buy and sell at Plato's, you're shopping in the most green way possible - everything you do in our store whether it's buy or sell directly supports your community! Nothing more local than recycling your style. 

We have a small and tight knit team of employees that we lovingly refer to as our Plato's Fam, and when you're in the store, you're one of us. We love helping you find that final touch to a new look or just shooting the breeze with you and finding out what's going on in your world. Questions about selling your stuff? Feel free to pop in and ask or take a look around our site -- we buy all seasons all day every day and always want to take a look at the styles you want to bring us! We hope you'll come see us... and come back often! :)

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