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Trendy, Effortless School Outfits

Hey girl! Are you getting tired of repeating the same outfits over and over for school? Wanting some new inspo and some new ways to pair your clothes for effortless school looks? I got you! In this post, I’ll be sharing with you my top 3 school looks!

Outfit 1 | Black + Nude Tones Together Always


Do you have a pair of favorite black jeans sitting in your closet? Do you also have a nude/creme/brown top? Pair them together and see what happens! I love pairing my black denim jeans with tops like this light brown, button-up cardigan. I’ve also layered a cheetah top under the cardigan so the top of the shirt showed. A cardigan like this is perfect for an easy school look because you can wear it in so many ways! For the colder days, I paired a brown turtleneck under the cardigan and I got so many compliments!

Outfit 2 | Oversized Sweatshirts Every Day

Have you ever felt you couldn’t wear a sweatshirt to school because it was too oversized or not cute enough? Well if so, I’m here to change your mind! For a comfy, casual look, simply roll the sleeves up on your sweatshirt twice, tuck one side into your favorite pair of jeans, and put on your favorite sneakers. Lastly, layer it with some gold necklaces for that effortless “fashion blogger” look. I found this secondhand grey sweatshirt for only $10 and I’ve been wearing it more than anything else in my closet right now!

Outfit 3 | Layering Your Favorite Cami

This next look if for you if you have a bunch of cute cami tops in your closet that you rarely get to wear because of school dress codes! Just grab a white tee or a plain colored long sleeve, and layer it underneath! This is one of my go-to outfits for school if I want more of a dressed-up look! It looks super put together, but it really doesn't require a lot of effort!

*Style Tip: Cropped and oversized zip-up hoodies are also in! Throw one over any outfit for a comfy-cozy look!


What did you think of my effortless school looks? I hope these outfits give you some ideas on how to style yourself for school without breaking the bank! As always, thanks for reading!

Blog By: Taiya Maddison | @taiyamaddison