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I love Plato's Closet!! There is always variety, which is just perfect!! I recently went in and brought in clothes to trade, I got $30 and had a $35 purchase. I only payed $5 for 5 items. Basically I got each item for $1!! Thats an amazing deal. Take in any of your unwanted clothes, you'll be surprised at what they take and trade you for!



I love Plato's Closet Montgomery! They always have the newest styles of Miss Me and Buckle denim at great prices. Every time I go there I find something cool. The staff is very friendly and let me know when something that I might like comes into the store. I also sell there and get a good price for my designer denim. My dad's in the army so I have visited a lot of Plato's stores, and the Montgomery location is my fave! They are organized and have all of my favorite brands in one place.



I like the store. Everything is nice around



Wow! I love this store! I went there for the first time a couples days ago with my clothes! I brought in 2o things and they only bought 3. For them I got $6! That was great! For that for that money I bought myself a Louis Vuitton purse! How great is that?!



i found platos closet through a friends recommendation. Ill never pay mall prices again. This store has the best price, best selection, and friendliest staff!! I was able to purchase 15+ items for work, AFTER work, and home for the same price AS ONE PAIR of jeans!!! great sales and discounts available on already AWESOME prices. i wish there was a platos closet where I am moving to, as I am moving out of state soon. Cant say enough about this store!



Plato's Closet is the first store that comes to mind when I need some new clothes! It's gorgeous clothes with even more gorgeous prices! My sisters and I have NEVER left there without buying anything :) ~Taylor



I used to wear skirts all the time when I was younger, but then I stopped. Recently, though, I've had an urge to try wearing skirts again so my aunt drove me all around PA to consignment stores to find a skirt. We didn't find any stores that we liked until one lady told us about Plato's Closet and that it was the perfect store for teens! When he got to Plato's Closet, the second I walked in, I knew it was my store. I got a skirt and top for less than $20 and every piece of clothing in there is just my style! I love Plato's Closet and can't wait to go back!



I went there to not only sell my things but to gather some new style experience. Right when I walked in I saw an unlimited amount of things that I loved. I never wanted to leave!



As a guy I first thought this was an all girls clothing store but then when I went an I was shocked that there was tons of guys stuff! It was awesome, all the brands that I wear and styles that I like too all for a very low price! Guys, this is the place to shop!



My older sister goes there all the time so when she took me there i fell in love. im 14 and my older sis is 26 so age difference to shopping at platos closet is amazing.



My name is Miranda and through the help of Plato's Closet I completed my Girl Scout Gold Award. For my project, I created a teen girl clothing area in a local rescue mission thrift store for underprivileged teen girls to shop. Plato's Closet in Evansville, IN has allowed me to keep a donation bin inside of their store which helps stock the area. Without the help of Plato's Closet this project wouldn't have been as successful as it has been. I just want to say thank you and encourage other stores around the nation to add donation bins to your stores to help benefit local charities. :)



I love shopping here. Their clothes are very inexpensive and the staff is friendly. out of about 10 things I brought in to sell they bought about half and I got $25. Not bad for things I didn't want anymore. I love getting jeans and tops from here !!!



Went to a Plato's closet today for the first time. I had heard good things about them before and needed some extra cash so decided to go see for myself. I did not expect to get so much for my clothes! Working in retail my closet gets constantly out of control and being added to with what is considered in season. I will definitely be bringing the overflow to Platos every time now!



platos was a place I thought I would not like until my sister took me a few times and it was ok. but when I started to shop there I had a beautiful now I cant go without shopping there.



I just loooove Plato's Closet!!!!!! its my favorite thrift store to shop at!



Plato's Closet has been my go-to retail clothing store for the last several years. Why? Because of the incredible deals, super friendly staff, and option to not only snag the most fashionable trends, but to also earn money for your own items! Plato's Closet has helped me to pick out many versatile outfits ranging from an interview ensemble, to my first pair of Air Jordans. No matter what the occassion, I am always sure to visit Plato's first. As if the bargains weren't enough, everytime I visit Plato's I am greeted by a staff member as soon as I enter. They are always very friendly and eager to help with anything I may need. Checkout lines are never too long, and selling merchandise is always a breeze. Even the store's layout makes it extremely easy to find exactly what you are looking for. Overall, I would say that my experience as a customer has been outstanding. Thank you Plato's Closet for keeping me trendy all year long!



I went to Plato's Closet yesterday for the first time and I loved it! I was extremely happy with the variety of cute clothing and accessories Plato's Closet offers! :) I also loved the prices! I got some amazing deals for brand name clothes and jewelry that still had the original tags on them! I also sold some clothes, shoes and a purse to Plato's Closet, and I am very happy with the amount of store credit that I received in return. Thanks Plato's Closet, you are my new favorite store! :)



I never heard or saw this amazing Store I had gone to eat breakfast w/ my daughter and her husband and daughter, then I said goodbye and drove through a parking lot when I saw this store and Boy was I happy to look up and see it. I got off the car and walked in. I could not get out !! The owner attended to me and the other girls were so nice. I did not want to leave. I walked around got a bunch of things and Can not wait to go back. I am in love w/ this store. I went to the one in Kendall and I highly recommend it to everyone that loves to shop and love brand names and for little money, Plus feel at home with the nice people working there. Again Thank You Plato ' Closet !!!



My friend and I used to go to this store on occasion to trade our clothes in and play dress up. We had lost contact and hadn't spoken for a few years. Today I found out some very tragic news, she died in a bus accident in Argentina over the weekend :( So today I will go to a Plato's Closet in her memory, because that was what we had done the last time I saw her alive. Its a great store with lots of awesome stuff and now it will forever hold a special memory in my heart.



I LOVE Plato's Closet!!! Everytime I go I always find just the right items I am looking for including shoes,jewelry,clothes etc. The trends are always up to date, and I love experimenting with clothes and different styles and I always find awesome clothes and sometimes even new unused items for an affordable price! I even got my husband to go and absolutely loves going LOL, sometimes we just go unplanned and come out with a big bag of items but not just ordinary stuff, it's modern clothes that we love! I hope this store never goes away and keeps on growing in other areas so everyone can share their experiences !



OOH I LOVE PLATOS CLOSET!!My girls Cloe,Yasmin,Jade and I love the cheap prices me and my girls are very poor :( But we love dressing sassy,glam,cute,sporty,and sweet to school :) #Platoscloset #glamajamma



I am a glamorous woman...but like many women i have a small budget...your shop helped me get fashions..for cheap cheap cheap! so much glitter, so much glitz! all the kids love it! thank you!!!!



I've always wanted to buy a pair of Uggs. I went to Plato's Closet, not expecting to find Uggs, but sure enough they were there! It was my lucky day. They had just received them that day! They were the same color that I've always wanted. Usually Uggs are about $130-$200 dollars, mine were only $30! This is why I love Plato's Closet. :)



We all get that money can be tight with fashion..and buying our favorite brands with a small budget is tough. Well that was mine position. Forever 21, Hollister, American Eagle... those were the brands everyone popular in school was wearing. At the name brand stores, it was expensive but ever since i went to Plato's Closet i can buy ALL those brands a way cheaper price. school shopping this year was extremely stylish yet affordable,and I couldn't have done it without my favorite store now, Plato"s Closet!


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