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I went to Plato's Closet once and instantly fell in love with the place. I'm one of those people who wear the same thing everything every weekend. But I bought nine thing for only 10 bucks!!! I was like, what?!?! I found adidas for $16 and next time I go I'm getting them! They sell my fave brands for way less than at an outlet. I'm totally telling my friends. I'm crazy 'bout sweat pants... Omg I'm about to buy the whole store!! <3



When i first went to platos closet i was shocked on how many great brands they had, i found an aritzia dress that would have been at least $70 for only $20 talk about an insane deal. and just yesterday i went to sell some of my clothes and i made over $100. long story short, you HAVE to come here.


Sarah Kessenger

I have two Plato's near me and I love going to the Regency one! It has a lot of stuff for cheap and it helps when i need last minute things! They always have the best selection and they never let me down! All the staff are very nice and help me find things to fit my style! Love you guys!



I love Plato's ! when ever we go there I am always coming out with more then I went in for. I like how they always have pants that are all sizes(including lengths). I am a rather short girl and always find what I am looking for! that is my #1 favorite store to go shopping at !!



The clothes are really well priced there. I thought they were going to cost as much as they did in stores. I was really surprised when they were good deals! I think that it is really nice there because it is like tons of your favorite stores combined and on sale! I love Plato's Closet!



Me and my boyfriend love shopping at Plato's closet. We find most of the things we love there! He bought me a pair of Air Jordan Flights and paid 23 dollars for them I bought him DC Shoes and paid 12 dollars for them I love their prices and I love the store.



me and a friend went shopping the other day. after hours of searching i remembered that a friend of mine Jana told me about Plato's Closet. When we arrived we were greeted by a very friendly employees who directed us through the store. I was amazed at the prices and the selection. After cashing out we spent under 100$ and got several outfits. If Jana hadn't told me about the store we would have missed out on great deal.



Oh Plato's Closet! How would I survive high school without you? I spent $25 and got 9 items!!! This store has something for everyone and I was so impressed with the staff, the organization and the prices. Keep it up, Plato's Closet!


Dasha White

Plato's closet is worth every dime. I just went there last week and got 8 dresses/rompers plus jewelry for a grand total of $24.00. I love them and I am hooked I tell all of my friends.



I found out about Plato's closet from my college roommate. I went there for the first time this summer to sell some clothes to make a little spare cash to pay for sorority dues. It's a quick and easy process. I definitely recommend going there if you need to make a little money quick or are in need of a cute outfit for a decent price.



The first time I learned about Plato's Closet was about a year ago and the first thing I noticed is that there was Toms and I was like WHAT! I ran to it and I hope it might be a lower price than other stores and it was right! I was so excited that I bought it and I also bought North Park Jacket at such a low price, lower than a pair of jeans! The last time I went to is that I bought a couple of Nike shorts at just 8 bucks each! I don't live close to it but it was well worth traveling to the place!



One day I walked into Plato's Closet and i got like 8 things for the price of 7.00 dollars it was awesome!!!



I remember when I first heard about Plato's Closet. I was twelve, and I was one of those ugly unfashionable pre-teens, and I didn't really care about what went with what. Now, I'm 13. Then, I went to school, and we had to have tan pants for our uniform, and everyone was wearing baggy pants, and I was too, but I was like, no! So I went to Plato's Closet and found the cutest H&M pants, and shoes, and hair stuff, and soon, I was rocking school. At the end of this school year, a girl came up to me, and was like: "I can't wait till next year, because I want to look as stylish as you!" I smiled. "Go to Plato's Closet!" I said. She did! Then, recently, I went there and got cute shorts and tons of cute tanks. I haven't stopped receiving compliments! Some of the reason I'm stylish now, is because of Plato's Closet and I couldn't thank them enough!



I love platoes closet. They are very cheap and have all the name brand clothes that people want. Keep it up.



I've gotten so many cool things at Plato's. However, my favorite was this sweet red studded leather jacket.. FOR $10!



i love plato's closet so much. they have such good prices. all there employees are kind. one day i went with my best friend. i was looking for a tank top found one that was summery looking and it was only 3.00 !!!! it was the best shopping trip ever!!



Overall the store is very well put together and has nice employees. I just wish you all bought and sold plus size clothes. Now a days all stores are doing so. There are many plus size young women all over that are very fashionable Thats would love to buy and sale with you all.



I love Plato's so much! They have such good prices and the clothes there look like they have never been used. Also, all the employee's there are really kind. I go there sometimes with my best friend, we enjoy shopping there with each other and giving one another advice (about clothing n' stuff). This time I was looking for a casual,cute,summer dress. I found one there that was perfect, it was the perfect price ($8.00),size, style, and it was comfortable. Floral is trending this summer, that's what I heard and it was floral! Thank you Plato's for your kindness and help for needing what everyone wants! :)



I travel to Logan once a year for a week long class at USU. While up there this year I decided to stop in the local Platos. I found two dresses that were perfect for an upcoming wedding. It turned out my card was denied because a bill pay had gone through, and I had to leave without them! I was so sad! But, I called after I got home a week later and asked if I could have them found and purchase them over the phone. The staff there went the extra mile for me. The manager, Dana, found out who was working that day, and together she and her staff combed the store looking for what I had tried to buy. They found them and now they are being shipped! I am so happy with the full staff at the Platos Closet in Logan Utah. I hope upper management knows what jewels they have running that store.



For previous years I brought my daughters to a local Plato's Closet for trading out clothes. After my daughters grew & moved away, I started taking a new group of girls to Plato's. I work in the Dormitory of the Indiana School for the Deaf, and my new girls have enjoyed three years of shoping at the Plato's Closets around town. Recently we brought some things for the girls to sell. Not only were they pleased to make some cash & trades...TWO of the Plato employees were able to use ASL (American Sign Language) to explain how Plato's works. We were very impressed! How awesome that instead of me having to interpret, my girls were able to discuss directly with the Plato's staff! Kuddo Plato's! Job well done! We will continue to shop with you!♥



I love this place!!! their clothes are very inexpensive and you couldnt even tell they are used! The staff is very friendly and the environment all together is amazing! Keeps me wanting to come back time after time. Definitely my new favorite place to shop.



I had purchased these high waisted mint skinny pants from Charlotte russe. I went to Plato's and found the perfect shirt, belt and wedges to finish my outfit. Love love love it :-) :-) :-)



I am from an area in New York that does not have a Plato's Closet. I am in San Antonio for job training and spent my first time at a Plato's Closet ever last week, at 754 NE loop 410. I had the honor of meeting a worker there who I believe deserves to be recognized. Mali from this store was very personable, and very helpful, I didn't feel like she was just doing her job I felt like she enjoyed talking to me as well as other customers, as I know retail can be stressful, Mali was just the sweetest girl and I think we need more like her. Thanks to her I can't wait to come back Platos!



I went to Plato's Closet with my friend and literally the second thing I looked at was the Evil Twin Precious Metal dress, and it was only 14$!!! The price for that dress when it first came out was 141$ and the cheapest place I could find it elsewhere was 98$. Such a good deal!!!


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