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The Plato's Closet near me has not been open very long, yet I had been hearing the name out of many fashionable women's mouths. I decided to take a look one day and I fell in love. My feeling on the store was that I was doing my mall trip all in one store only it was Black Friday prices with personable customer service. All of the clothes are in great condition and all either designer or name brand. The prices are incredible! I walked out of the store with three outfits and a necklace and only spent $30. I will most definitely be going back, not only to shop, but to trade in some lightly warn items in my closet.



I have loved thrift stores all my life.Salvation Army, Thrift Stores, Goodwill, Savers. You name it, I've shopped there. Lately I've started to realize how..erm...out of date thrift stores and salvation army's are. You have to really dig to get to the good stuff. I got really tired of digging and digging and not finding anything I liked. Don't get me wrong, there were plenty of nice things...just not in my size or my taste. So I decided to give Plato's a try. My first trip, I spent just over $100 and got brand new wardrobe. 6 dresses, 3 pairs of jeans, 4 shirts and a pair of heels and a pair of boots. All brand new. They all still had tags on them. I got a pair of Kardashian Kollection heels that originally go for $98, for $14, brand new. THat was my best buy at Plato's so far. I absolutely love Plato's and I will DEFINITELY be going back again and again..and telling my friends and bring my boyfriend shopping. I absolutely adore Plato's Closet.



Plato's closet always gives me something amazing. I have never walked into Plato's Closet and NOT bought anything, unlike so many other stores. You are able to constantly able to find super amazing articles of clothing for such outstanding prices. Being younger, my budget is tighter. But because of Plato's, I was able to buy an entire outfit for about the same cost as a t-shirt an a regular outlet store. Plato's Closet is my favorite and I do not know what I would do without it.



Ever since I was young, I would love to wear all the latest styles and wear the expensive name brand clothing just to seem like I was in the loop. Eventually, all I got for $50 was a t-shirt... so I gave up. For a while, I was shopping at stores and would spend hundreds of dollars on almost nothing.. and finally I came across Plato's Closet. My friend introduced me to it and I was glad she did because I can buy a lot more for the same price I would have bought a few things in a regular store. I love it and I am so glad I found this gem!



There is nothing in the world that feels better than getting a GREAT discount on the clothes that you love. When I found all the Miss Me jeans in my local store here in Vancouver, WA by Westfield Mall, I wanted to buy every pair. But the only reason that I went in that day was I wanted to sell some clothes there so I can get money to buy school clothes.


Monze G

I went to Plato's Closet and sold some of my stuff while I was waiting the employees were VERY friendly and helped me to find cute outfits! They have many sales and I'll be back again!



The store in Ridgeland sent out emails of the $1 sale and I was there bright and early before they opened. The manager, Ms. Cindy, eagerly showed us where the marked items were and she was just so sweet with help. She even helped with the picture I took. She wanted that advertisement to be perfect lol. Her employees were amazing and you could tell they loved their jobs and wanted to be there. Amazing service!



Ever since I was 8, my family has been cautious about spending money. Although once in a while we have a shopping spree. It's so hard to find a top less than at least $30 anymore. I'm a teenage girl, I want a variety of clothes. It starts out okay but when you hit the checkout, you know you're in trouble. Reasoning out to $600. Come on! It's a couple things. But, one day of walking around stores, I came upon Plato's Closet. My assumption was "Another store, robbing my wallet." Except it wasn't. The prices were amazing! Looking and looking I found so many things from expensive stores that downsized to low prices. Plato's Closet is my go-to place. I cannot think of another place with such trendy clothes for low prices.



I go to the one in Bountiful utah and I save tons of money best place to shop ever I wish they have one in Centerville where I live!!!


Trinitie H.

The first time I walked into Plato's Closet I thought it was just going to be like any other thrift shop, that had that "old grandma smell" but when I walked in it was nothing like that! The employees were super nice and helped you with anything!! I definitely will be going there for "back-to-school" shopping!!!



I just recently went to check out Plato's Closet and loved it! I was kinda expecting it to look like a Goodwill store but with all the trendy clothes and the set up it looked like I walked into another added store at the mall. And Plato's closet totally talks the talk AND walks the walk because the prices on name brand clothing was affordable! I didn't buy much because i forgot my wallet (duh...) but I'm totally going back and loading up for back to school!



I went to a buffet and right beside was a Plato's Closet, was curious from the outside went in, and god did i think it was heaven!! Everytime i go shopping in malls i dont find anything that i like,and if it is something i like its not my size and don't have much options to choose from too, but this place is awesome!! It has so many many beautiful colorful clothes in good condition and cheap! Theres no way i can get out of this store without finding a bunch of things i like. Today is the second time i went and its not my last !


Johanna L.

Hey Plato's Closet! I'm Johanna from Germany and I lived in Pittsburgh for a year for an exchange in 2012-2013. My hostmom and hostsister took me to Platos closet only two days after I arrived in the USA. I wasn't really sure what to think about second hand clothes, because it's not really typical in Germany. But to my own surprise... I absolutely loved it!!! I was totally prejudging, and if I think about it today I could laugh about myself. You are probably surprised why I wanted to share my story. It's because I received a little packet from my hostmom today. Even 2 years later. A necklace from Platos closet. Thank you, Johanna



I went to Plato's Closet in Cary. I brought pair of sunglasses there a while back. They were six dollars, they were very nice. I have been wearing ever since, every single time the sun is out.



Plato's Closet will forever be my go to for clothes. It's the only place where I can find sizes small enough to fit and you can't beat the grab bag events. Not to mention all the great dresses! I move and travel a lot so it's nice to know I can afford to dress for the different weather everywhere I go. Never disappointed and always excited to go back!



My BFF and I recently dropped by for the first time...as soon as we walked through the door, we simultaneously grabbed each other's arms and squealed! (The salesgirls got a kick out of our reaction...;) )I found several pieces from American Eagle, Abercrombie, and Hollister for a fraction of their normal prices. We got customer appreciation cards on out way out. Shortly after, I found out about the $25 off deal for May...we'll be headed back to Plato's Closet very soon! :)



Today I sold to Plato's Closet for the first time. I've shopped there a few times and I've always found really cute clothes for a really good price. Well...I'm moving to France next month and I have to get rid of the majority of my wardrobe to avoid extra baggage fees so I took in a laundry basket full of clothes. The people there were really nice. I had researched everything and had a good grip on what was going to happen but they explained it all very well, were very professional, and really nice. They made me feel comfortable and I got a nice little chunk of change for my clothes. I recommend Plato's Closet for buying and/or selling!



I love Plato's Closet. I am very into fashion. And I'm always going somewhere. I work in the corporate world and I am also a mom, meaning I never have time to go to the mall anymore. Plato's Closet is so convenient and the staff is always nice and helpful. They always have the namebrands I wear. And I love the fact that I can sell them my clothes because like most women I go up and down in size every other month. LOL


Jazz F.

I bought a trendy coat 6 years ago and to this day I still wear it, its always in style and fits perfectly. It was so cheap and practically brand new. Plato's keeps me ahead of the trends


Zoe Shipley

So I come into Plato's Closet looking for a nice dress, more on the fancier side and right when I walk in I find the dress I wanted!



I love fashion I have a full wardrobe of clothes like trues and miss me and I love wearing crop top and love dresses. My main favorite is glasses I gotta look good. Lol anyways that's my fashion story



I LOVE this store, I had heard about it a few times from some of my friends but had never given it a second thought, I happened to pull into the parking lot of the new Winnipeg location to visit one of the neighboring stores and figured I'd check it out. I found a BRAND NEW pair of silver jeans with all the original tags still on them for $35 (regular $109)!! I also got a white leather Aldo's jacket for $14! I can't wait to bring my husband there because they had all his favorite brands of jeans (Diesel, Calvin Klein) for $15-$20!



I love Plato's Closet because it's affordable and has the brands and styles I look for. I always look forward to shopping here because I have great time finding new styles I want to try. They always have trendy clothes and nice and helpful staff. If you're looking for new great clothes, shop here!!



I love this store and I shop often. Every time I wear the clothing that I get from Plato's Closet I always get complements and the people always ask where I shopping!


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