Fall shoe trends to match your personal style

Picking out shoes to match your style is just about as personal as it gets. Some gals love sky-high heels while others are most comfortable in distressed cowboy boots. Here is a rundown on the latest fall trends to match your style preferences. Plus, remember the true style maven is up for a hunt, as many of these shoes can be found as gently used brand name clothing.

This fall season has vintage ankle boots that pair well with your light color denim and favorite beanie. Other inspired styles are adorned in buckles and textured with animal skin. The embroidery and Aztec trends are also carrying over to wedges and flats.

Having a preppy style is all about classical elements. Structured leather riding boots and soft suede flats in rich tones will go great with the rest of your fall clothes.

If your style has been influenced by rock stars, then your trends are all about chunky shoes. Platform shoes are back and studded with spikes. There are even hologram kicks if you are feeling a bit colorful on any particular day.

As for the glam girl, towering heels with a slight pointed toe are a go-to choice. Quality metal accents also are being highlighted for an extra-polished look.

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